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Eduardo Briceno

Eduardo is the Co-Founder & CEO of Mindset Works, the leading provider of growth mindset

Randall Dean

*Randall Dean, MBA, and author of the recent #1 E-mail Bestseller, “Taming the E-mail

Paula Morand

Keynote Speaker, Paula Morand ignites audiences to dream big, be bold and to take massive

Terry Hawkins

As winner of the prestigious 2010 Educator Award for Excellence, Terry Hawkins has been an

Dr. Adele Scheele

*Dr. Adele Scheele, an internationally recognized career strategist and change management authority, has guided individuals

Laura Lewis-Barr

Laura Lewis-Barr, M.A, 6SecCert., DDI Cert. is a former musical comedy actress, theatre director, award-winning

Deborah Gardner

Deborah Gardner is a competitive performance expert that companies and organizations call on to get

Ty Bennett

More than one million people from 50 countries have learned from Ty Bennett’s insights on

Tony Schwartz

Tony Schwartz is at the center of the new thinking that creates sustainably high performance

Dr. Hans J. Kugler

*Applied anti-aging research, from fitness to telomere-lengthening, stem cells, embryonic cell extracts, and about 30

Angela Ruggiero

Four-time Olympic Ice Hockey Player Angela Ruggiero grew up in Los Angeles, California and Harper

Mike Staver

The most courageous leaders look to Michael Staver for the inspiration and strategies they need

Kimberly Watson-Hemphill

Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, is a globally known expert in the field of Innovation and Operational Excellence.

Diane Deacon

Diane Deacon is President and co-founder of the Creative Thinking Association of America (CTA), which

Jim Kelly

Since former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly retired from football, he has

Jason Jennings

Jason Jennings is a researcher and one of the most successful and prolific business and

Barbara Sanfilippo

As both an inspirational speaker and business consultant, Barbara Sanfilippo has two objectives, 1) to

Steve Rosen

Chief Operating Officer, Business Strategist and Author of The Domino Effect series, Steve Rosen is

Dean Karnazes

TIME magazine named him as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the

Dr. Calvin Mackie

Dr. Calvin Mackie is an award winning mentor, a former engineering professor, an internationally renowned

Ben Glenn

Ben Glenn, The Chalkguy, is president of Chalkguy Media International, a company dedicated to sharing

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