We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) for your convenience.

If you don’t see your question, give us a call at 617-782-3111 or toll-free at 1-800-447-7325. We’re happy to talk with you.

I am a new speaker. How do I become part of AEI's roster?

Please visit the Representation section of our website for more information.

What does AEI Speakers Bureau do?

We provide a variety of speakers and entertainment for corporations, associations, educational institutions and other organizations.

My organization would like to book a speaker, but we have very limited funds. Can we still work with AEI?

Yes! While many of our speakers are willing to negotiate, we have no “free” speakers. The minimum speaker fee budget we are able to assist with is $2,500.

Who takes care of travel arrangements?

Typically, our Event Manager handles all of the travel arrangements; however, if you so desire, we will work with your travel agency instead. Additionally, in some cases, the speaker does his or her own travel.

How does AEI Speakers Bureau get paid?

The speaker always pays our commission, and the fee you are quoted includes this commission. You will not pay more to work with AEI Speakers Bureau.

Do you accept credit cards?

In order to provide you with the best possible price, we do not accept credit cards, since it would be an added fee if we were to do so.

Are there any affordable speakers listed on your site?

Yes! We have speakers and entertainment of various price ranges starting at $2,500.

I do not see any of the speaker's fees. Why is that?

Fees are constantly changing. Things like travel, routing, and other situations may affect a speaker’s final price. In order to get the most up-to-date pricing information, we encourage you to call us at 1-800-44-SPEAK (1-800-447-7325) and speak to one of our experienced agents. Since we are hired by you, and not the speakers, our agents will always negotiate the lowest possible fee on your behalf.

My office found a lower airfare. Why is your cost higher?

In some instances, speakers require unrestricted travel or first class travel. However, we are always willing to work with you in order to arrive at the best travel arrangements possible.

What if, in the event of an unforeseen occurrence, an act of God, or some other personal situation, the speaker is unable to attend my event?

Every time a speaker or entertainer is booked for your event, a contract is sent to the speaker and signed by him or her as a written guarantee that he or she will appear for your event. If, for some reason, it is impossible for the speaker to attend your event, our agents here at AEI will do their best to find a mutually acceptable replacement that is, in the end, approved by you.

I do not need a speaker. Do you provide entertainment as well?

Yes we do. AEI Speakers Bureau is a division of American Entertainment International, Inc., which handles our entertainment acts. If you are interested in a specific type of entertainment, please call our office at 1-800-44-SPEAK (1-800-447-7325) and speak to one of our agents; or, feel free to browse a sampling of the Musicians, Entertainers and Variety Acts we have available. Have someone specific in mind that you don’t see? Just ask!

What additional items, if any, will the speaker request at the event?

When we work with you, there are no surprises. Most speakers have very basic a/v requirements – microphone and podium. However, some speakers have more extensive technical riders. Our Event Manager handles every detail and will inform you of any of these “additional items” far in advance.

Who will be in contact with me after I sign the contract?

Both our office and the speaker’s office will be in direct contact with you to discuss your event in detail.

Where can I get more information on a speaker that I like?

We invite you to call our office at 1-800-44-SPEAK (1-800-447-7325) and speak to one of our agents. They will be able to provide you with further information.

There is a speaker I am interested in, but I do not see him listed on your site. What should I do?

We invite you to give us a call at 1-800-44-SPEAK (1-800-447-7325) and we will work to locate the speaker you are looking for.