Amanda Kennedy

Event Manager
Phone: 617-782-3111 x 105

Amanda brings a unique set of experiences and skills to her role as Event Manager with AEI Speakers. She holds a B.A. in Communications and Theater, which led to acting as the assistant stage manager at Curious Theatre Company for 6 seasons. She taught and performed improv theater and sketch comedy at Bovine Metropolis Theater for several years thus allowing her to wear many wigs and silly costumes. Later, she went back to school to combine her Biology Minor credits into a B.S. in Exercise Science, started her own fitness training company then joined a well-known strength education company leading global operations for seven years.
In the summer months, you can find her wading in a creek, and in the wintertime riding fresh powder in the mountains. Fun pastimes are reading whodunnits, learning to play chess, crocheting (heavy warm blankets), daily walks (bonus petting dogs!), visiting foreign grocery stores, dirty hands from gardening, and lifting heavy things. Originally from Maine, of course, lobster is a must. She lives in Colorado with her musician partner and attempts to play all the instruments in her house.