Check out AEI’s Mark Castel offering his thoughts on this article published today in the Boston Globe:  Oprah Winfrey to give address at Harvard commencement

Every college and university has a commencement and they all have speakers but not many have such big name speakers like Oprah Winfrey gracing their halls! This year Harvard University has done just that in selecting Oprah to address the graduating class of 2013. 

Their choice immediately brings controversy – is she of the same ilk as speakers in the past at their commencements like Bill Gates, Madeline Albright and Colin Powell? See the full list of previous speakers at Harvard here. Mark would argue, yes! 

Oprah is more than just a celebrity, she is a businesswoman. Oprah is a brand. With her OWN network, her O magazine, her former TV show, her current show, her radio show, her satellite radio network, Oprah has diversified! Talk show hosts come and go but not Oprah, she is here to stay!

AEI Speakers offers a list of great commencement speakers.

Enjoy this commencement speech delivered by the inspiring young Craig Kielburger! 

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