When most people think of a corporate meeting, magicians don’t seem like the type to be involved. Bill Herz is breaking that boundary. For more than 25 years, he has taken his illusions to companies across the world, entertaining and motivating them along the way.
Magic has always been a passion for Herz, having received his first magic set at age eight. “”Every dollar I earned went to buying more magic tricks,” said Herz, in an interview with The Greenwich Times in 2014. After graduating with a bachelors from Amherst College and a masters from Cornell University Herz tried the cooperate world, and learned it wasn’t for him.
In 1988, Herz founded Magicorp, a company that manages his speaking and entertainment gigs. With their help, Herz has made quite the name for himself. Last year alone he performed over 200 gigs. He has been awarded the International Magical Performers Award twice. Herz has performed in 7 countries around the world.
But how do business and magic mix? Herz takes his expertise from school and his knack for tricks and brings the worlds together. He is much more than an entertainer, he is a comedian and a motivator. He encourages all his audiences to use magic in their business affairs to “humanize” the workplace and it’s happenings. “Teaching executives tricks is not meant to turn them into magicians. I want to teach them to use magic as a communication device while humanizing them at the same time,” Herz says. “It humanizes the CEO. It gives him a sense of humor.”
Each show is tailored to its specific audience and is entirely based on their participation. Because of this, Herz never fails in dazzling.

Aside from performing, Herz is also the author of Secrets of the Astonishing Executive. He also serves as a theatrical consultant, helping create special effects for plays and on TV.



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