Join us for our next virtual event featuring Gloria Ladson-Billings, Josh Linkner, Sekou Andrews and with Scott Bloom as our emcee!

Happening THIS Thursday, August 20th at 3pm ET / 12pm PT

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Gloria Ladson-Billings

Professor Emerita and former Kellner Family Distinguished Professor in Urban Education @University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Diversity as the Key to Innovation” Malcolm Forbes defined diversity as “the art of thinking independently, together.” Today our organizations, schools and institutions are required to innovate and change in order to maximize their productivity and engagement. By looking at some research-based propositions concerning diversity, organizational leaders and team members can understand why creating a diverse team creates success.

Josh Linkner

Entrepreneur, CEO, Bestselling Author @Platypus Labs

“Big Little Breakthroughs – How small, everyday ideas drive gigantic results” Big Little Breakthroughs – small, creative acts that unlock massive rewards over time. By building a daily habit of creativity, leaders and organizations not only enjoy a high volume of small wins, but also the daily practice of micro-innovations — the fastest route to discover the massive breakthroughs we seek.

Sekou Andrews

Founder/CEO @SekouWorld

“The Principles of Pre-Success” Learning how to fail precedes learning how to succeed. Sekou reminds us that within our mindset, our community, and how we train our resilience, lies our power to fail successfully in order to succeed perpetually.

Scott Bloom

Comedian and Television Personality

A professional emcee, comedic keynote and author, Scott has hosted hundreds of corporate events for fortune 500 companies and has performed worldwide. With over two decades of television and corporate hosting experience, Scott has what it takes to invigorate audiences and keep them connected to the message.

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