It’s not uncommon now-a-days to see people sitting alone while eating dinner out at a nice restaurant. Sometimes, people prefer to eat by themselves. At the end of the day nothing is more relaxing then unwinding by yourself. Although, when you do see people eating by themselves their cell phone isn’t far from reach. Surfing the web, returning emails and checking social media outlets can keep someone busy for up to an hour as they sit an eat their steak and potatoes. 

A Japanese based company called MisoSoupDesign launched a new prototype that allows consumers to eat dinner and use their phone but, hands free. The product is a large bowl that has a docking station for iPhones. Once docked consumers can use their iPhones to watch their favorite television shows, listening to music or even check their Twitter and Facebook. Besides the bowl having speakers it is also equipped with a microphone that makes it easy for users to FaceTime with their pals.

As of now the company has only designed a large bowl that is targeted to be used for soup. But as everyone knows any type of food can be served in a bowl these days. Soups, salads, pastas, ice-cream, etc. can all be eaten from these amazing new anti-loneliness bowls.

One of our speakers, Jim Carroll, is one of the world’s leading futurists, trends and innovation experts. Carroll is all about the next best inventions making their way into our everyday lives. He has worked with the Walt Disney Corporation, Readers Digest Food & Entertainment Division, and Everyday with Rachel Ray. He is an expert in innovation and working with fast-paced future trends. 

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