August  is coming to an end, which means it’s time to embrace the crisp air, kiss goodbye the summer sun, and start some back to school shopping. As a company located in Boston, we are surrounded by colleges, universities, graduate programs and everything beneath. Here are some of our speakers in the greater Boston area who have devoted their careers as educators (and speakers!)
Eric Mazur, the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard University has dedicated his time, energy and commitment to Harvard since 1984. As an author or co-author of 258 scientific publications and 23 patents, Mazur has proven his knowledge of his field and is continuing to teach and inspire each day.

Kaitlin Roig, an AEI exclusive speaker, is another example of a devoted and loyal educator. As a first grade teacher at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Kaitlin underwent a horrific tragedy but persevered. She now cherishes each moment and inspires those around her with her story.

Jonathan Kozol exemplifies an educator who works to provide equal opportunity within the public school systems. Moving from his home in Harvard Square to a poor Boston neighborhood, Kozol became a fourth grade teacher and has continued to devote his studies and efforts to education equality.

Alan November is an educator and consultant currently residing in Marblehead, MA. He combines his personable nature with astute educational observations that bring together a phenomenal presentation. He runs November Learning, an annual summer conference that draws participants ranging from K-12 and college levels.


As we welcome September, it is important to acknowledge and thank the educators in our lives and across the world.
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