Kaitlin Roig is exclusively represented by AEI Speakers Bureau. Kaitlin is the 1st grade teacher that saved her classroom of 15 by hiding them in a bathroom during the Sandy Hook tragedy. She acted quickly upon the sound of gunfire and told her students they had to wait until ‘good guys’ came to save them.

Kaitlin is an inspirational speaker and is the founder of the organization, Classes 4 Classes Inc.This organization focuses on promoting positive social change for children in grades K-5. Classes 4 Classes is a web-based program to engage social curriculum and enrich their education. She focuses on teaching compassion, caring, kindness, empathy, love and consideration by students actively engaging one another. After her experience with the Sandy Hook school shooting, Kaitlin wishes to prevent future disasters by teaching the youth to feel love and empathy for one another. 

Kaitlin continues to promote compassion in her speeches around the country. She will be speaking at the NACAne convention in November. 

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