Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a woman working in a man dominated field? Have you worried that people might not take you seriously? Jackie Kallen has faced those obstacles, along with many more! Jackie started off as a journalist for a daily newspaper, when she decided to write an article, on a young professional fighter from Detroit, named Thomas Hearns. She covered Thomas after he had fought a few four-round fights and she ended up being his publicist for over a decade. After ten years in journalism she decided to try managing and she has stuck with it ever since. When Jackie first started managing, she struggled with male boxers feeling comfortable with a female manager.  At the time, women’s boxing was basically non-existent. Once she got started, the word traveled fast, Jackie was trustworthy, and treated her boxers with respect. At the beginning she had to deal with sexual harassment, but she just laughed it off, continued to do her job, and eventually it subsided. Her colorful life was the inspiration for the 2004 movie, Against the Ropes, staring Meg Ryan and Omar Epps. She also worked as a consultant for Mark Burnett’s reality television series The Contender. Jackie is an inspirational speaker who speaks in a way that informs people that they can be whatever they want, regardless of their sex and race. They can not only dream, but make their dreams a reality!
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