AEI Speakers Bureau is proud to welcome Pete Gustin to our roster! You might not know his name or face, but chances are good that you’ve heard Gustin’s deep voice before. Since breaking into the voice-over industry, Gustin has lent his vocal talents to a variety of outlets, recording promos for everything from sports radio to soap operas. Although his gift is apparent, Gustin’s journey was not easy. Diagnosed with Macular Degeneration at the age of eight, Gustin was considered legally blind by the time he reached adulthood. As a young man, a New York voice-over agent once told Gustin that he would never succeed in the business due to his inability to read copy off of a page. Over fifteen years later, Gustin has since proven that agent wrong by overcoming his disability with the help of a specialized computer software and his unbreakable determination. Abiding by the creed “Find A Way,” Gustin now wants to assist you overcome your own obstacles and find your own “way” in life. A charming, charismatic, and commanding speaker, Pete Gustin has the experience and passion to help you discover your inner-strength and revitalize your life. 

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