Soraya Deen is a featured speaker and is represented by AEI Speakers Bureau. Soraya is an American Muslim who speaks about the importance of strong human relationships in families and at work, and the importance of diversity. Soraya believes human contact and compassionate communication can solve any problem. 
Soraya is a well-rounded individual and balances being a  lawyer, coach, seminar leader and a communications expert. As a lawyer, she was concerned with resolving conflict and helping individuals lead a happy life at work and at home. She is also a member of the world famous motivational speaker Les Brown’s group of platinum speakers promoting one thousand voices of hope. 
Besides everything listed above, Soraya is the author of many books on peacemaking. The Association of Global New Thought has recommended her book, Peace Matters as mandatory reading for families. She is also the president and founder of The Salaam Circle a group that creates circles of compassion to promote restorative justice to resolve conflict at a personal, interpersonal, societal, corporate, national, and international level.
Soraya speaks about anti-bullying, teamwork, diversity, non-violent problem solving, and understanding the Muslim faith.

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