The alliteration of this monthly awareness can quite easily be reinterpreted into slandering the first amendment, which is perfectly legal, but not culturally accepted. It’s not “free from Freedom of Speech,” it is “freedom from fear of public speaking.” What it means is we should not be afraid to speak up, speak out and present our ideas to others. People generally love having the ability to complain about what’s wrong with the world, but it takes real skill to put that rant into a course of action that inspires yourself and the listeners around you.

Public speaking is fascinating. There are individuals who are excellent at presentation, but have nothing to say. There are also individuals with brilliant ideas, but lack the words to match them. However, given the choice, we’d pay far more attention to presentation than content. This is why we typically zone out during high school presentations and cults have a large following. While that is a simplified explanation, public speaking is much more impressive than any school assembly.

Fortunately, if you are the person who is brilliant but needs help expressing that, you’re the luckier of the two. Thoughts and creativity cannot be taught, though how you organize and express yourself can be. It is tougher than it looks, which is why the month of July honors public speakers. You do a small-scale public speaking every day with various groups you spend time with. So here is a general overview about public speaking and good speakers.

Most people have something to say. It’s so easy to forget how people are different, and that opinions are all over the place. Reviews in magazines, blogs, and YouTube certainly prove that, and multiple online reviewers exist for almost every topic one can converse about. However, at the same time, for YouTube videos, there are also comments where opinions solely consist of how much the poster hates you and everything you stand for. What separates the good from the bad is confidence in one’s ideas, organization and balance. Though you know, basic courtesy is good too. 

A speaker is confident in their own ideas. Even if they are nervous about sharing them and memorizing what they will say, if they know that their idea is a good one, then that should carry over more. If one constantly compromises such thoughts, how will they be able to express it? They can be influenced by current events, but confidence also stems from core values should remaining consistent.

Consistency is so important when in presenting. Speaking is telling its own story, and getting from one idea to the next gets the point across a lot better. While values need to be consistent so you believe in it, the topic needs to be clear so others understand. Love for example is described as a human mystery. You know what else is a human mystery? The Bermuda Triangle!

While that was yet another generalization, it’s important to remember focus helps with understanding. The end goal is to communicate a message, and stay true to it. This is incredibly easy to forget. You know your ideas, but that does not mean everyone else will, due to how easy it is to forget not everyone sees through your eyes. Sometimes you just have to explain a little bit more, while balancing that out with a solid technique.

A good speech is a work of art. There are so many layers, both technical and creative involved. It is a lot to work with, and it’s even harder to make it look easy and natural, which comes with both practice and a personal style. Some speakers are very good with anecdotes, while others excel with humor. Think of the person who you admire most. Is their style similar or different from yours? Why is that?

As much as we love talking, it is even more important to listen to other speakers. Everyone has a story, and a unique way to express it. It can help a person understand what to do and what to avoid. Listening to others will help you broaden an understanding for what it is like to be in another person’s life, even for a few seconds.

While July is the month to honor speaking and confronting that fear, AEI Speakers Bureau honors speakers and speaking every day. We have people discussing all topics, from education and marketing, to LGBTQ communities, to leadership, teamwork and technology. It is the modern day version of oral traditions.

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