Goodbye July

Blog Post Recap
July was a month for several rich topics. We had a lot to cover in the past 31 days from our excellent speakers to current events. We had a few fun holidays to mention like Chocolate Day on July 7th. As we come towards the end of this month, we happily remind you what we talked about every Friday for the past few weeks.



July 4th kicked off our first Friday. We celebrated the United States becoming 238 years old both with some fun flag facts and with our speaker Brian Unger who showed us how the States Got Their Shapes on the History Channel.



Our second Friday, July 11, we delved into why people were afraid of public speaking, what many usually think of when hearing the term public speaker, understanding that a good speech is its own artwork. Doing so, we recognize the hard work of all the wonderful speakers with AEI Speakers Bureau.


Finally, on July 18th we were happy to feature science teacher and football coach Natalie Randolph as our latest exclusive speaker. Natalie has been the subject of focus within sports for her inspiring story coaching a team of high school boys, hoping also to bridge gaps between academia and athletics. She discusses how both successes and failures influenced who she is.


July has proven to be a successful month in regards to diverse topics. Keep in touch for further posts. August is right down the road.


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