Along with poetry, April is National Stress Awareness Month. In light of recent tragedies, it’s safe to say that these times aren’t easy for many. College students are sleepless due to finals and, of course, it’s tax season. We have over 100 time management, stress and life balance speakers with ideas of their own on how to find your balance.

Kay Frances has a message to share: “lighten up, stress less, and take care of ourselves.” Her stress is on being care-free and finding the humor in any situation. Frances worked as a professional stand-up comedian for many years. This, coupled with her experience and education as a stress management specialist, makes her events helpful and fun. 

Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams has a similar approach as Frances. He believes that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process. Patch’s experience with health and mental professionals has allowed him to explore the relationship between humor and therapy while also using his  unique blend of knowledge, showmanship and hands on teaching techniques.

James Mapes  has a more serious approach  as he speaks on patient pre-operation and post-operation healing therapy. Mapes believes that reducing negative stress can reduce fear, improve immune function,  reduce pain, and help heal faster from surgery. This program teaches stress-relieving techniques to help in all of these areas. 

Remember that when times get rough, a simple laugh can make the difference. Stay strong everyone, Boston Strong!

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