Everyone talks about leadership – and rightly so. The world needs strong leaders. But what are the qualities of real leaders? Other than turning around and seeing if anyone is following you, how do you know if you are one? The leadership speakers on AEI’s roster come from diverse backgrounds and work in diverse industries. But wherever they come from and wherever they’ve been, they all share the classic traits of true leaders. They listen carefully, engage fully and communicate honestly. They are confident enough to know that delegating is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength… that it sends a loud and clear message to the team that you have faith in their ability to make good decisions and that by empowering them the whole enterprise benefits. They are not driven by their own egos but by their desire to elevate the individuals on their team.

Whether they are CEOs, athletes, or business men and women, the inspiring leadership speakers on our roster will make your event one that your attendees will long remember.

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Our Leadership Speakers

Strong leadership at all levels drives success. APB offers an extensive roster of executives, professional coaches, successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and world leaders with proven track records that can help your organization achieve success.

APB’s leadership and influence speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds that include government, for-profit, academia, nonprofits, politics, and religion. They provide actionable business strategies, leadership techniques, and innovative delivery methods to help lead positive change in your organization through inspirational and motivational keynotes.

  • Jeremy Kingsley
    Best-Selling Author, Leadership Expert, Motivator
  • Cedric King
    Purple Heart recipient, double amputee, endurance athlete, author of The Making Point: How to succeed...
  • Scott Deming
    Build a team, communicate better and find a formula for sustainable success all wrapped into...
  • Peter Senge
    Peter M. Senge is a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is...
  • Paula Boggs
    Former General Counsel for Starbucks, Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, Diversity Leader and Musician
  • Mike Massimino
    Former NASA Astronaut, NY Times Best Selling Author, First Person to Tweet from Space, Columbia...
  • Waldo Waldman
    Decorated Fighter Pilot. New York Times Bestselling Author. Hall of Fame Speaker.
  • Xavier Cooper
    Former NFL player, investor, and co-founder of the scholarship fund Everyone Learns Differently