In 2010, Lei Wang broke a world record. She completed her goal of climbing the Seven Submits and skiing both the North and South Poles. Wang became the first Chinese woman and the first Asian American ever to accomplish this feat.The seven submits are the Carstensz Pyramid (Indonesia), Vinson Massif (Chile), Elbrus (Russia), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), McKinley (U.S.A.), Aconcagua (Argentina), and Mt. Everest (Nepal/ China).   
Wang never imagined doing something like this, even as a young girl. She was an academic focused child, growing up in Beijing. She earned a B.S. and M.S. in computer science respectively from Tsinghua University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as an MBA degree from The Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania. 
In 2003 while studying at the Wharton School, Wang discovered that her true passion lies outside of business. She signed up for a trip to Ecuador to climb Mt. Cotopaxi as part of a leadership and teamwork program. Together with the help of her classmates, she climbed her first mountain. Wang struggled tremendously through her first trip, and thought she would never climb again.
To her own surprise, she became interested when classmates organized a trip to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Though healthy, Wang was not fit – no where close to mountain climbing condition. Unskilled and unprepared, she set sights up the rocks again. Though the trip was, again, a huge struggle, Wang grew determined to accomplish it, no matter her condition. She became hooked on mountaineering, and eager to become more fit.
Wang got to training. She committed herself to her fitness and mental strength. By 2005, she was climbing Mt. Elbrus. Each trip, Wang gained more experience and self confidence. In the next 5 years, Wang climbed the other 5 tallest peaks and skied both poles.

“The lesson I learned during the process is: have belief in yourself, have a goal for your life, and no matter what happens, just hold onto that,” said Wang, during an interview with on City Line, WCVB Boston. “Do your best, then there will be no regrets. And if you have a dream, don’t get late – go pursue it right now.”

Now an accomplished mountaineer, Wang travels the world speaking to women, sharing her story to inspire others to follow their dreams.


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