We at AEI Speakers would like to take the time to recognize one of our distinguished speakers – Shawn Achor.

Achor is somewhat of a local hero to us. After working his way through Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude with a masters in Christian and Buddhist ethics, Achor returned to the University for over a decade teaching. Achor became Head Teaching Fellow for his course, positive psychology, that became the most popular course at Harvard. He spent his time there researching how positivity can change a person’s way of life. 
In 2007, Achor founded Goodthink Inc., a Cambridge company devoted to teaching positivity training. They bring seminars, public speakers, and consultation services to clients looking for positive psychology to impact their ways of life and business.
Achor has devoted his time to getting his message of positivity training out into the world. His ideas counter the thought that having success will make a person happy. Achor preaches that being positive everyday and in your work helps to bring success, not the other way around. And he’s made his message as accessible as possible. From posting blogs on the Huffington post, writing several books, and public speaking, Achor strives to change as many lives as possible. Achor’s lectures have been broadcasted on PBS. His TED Talk is one of the most popular ever.
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