Adam Contos

Adam Contos is the CEO that isn’t a CEO. He is part of the community he cares about. Serving 500+ employees, over 131,000 affiliates in 8300+ offices globally he is dedicated to creating a transparent and trustworthy community that he reaches out and touches regularly. Being labeled one of Denver Business Journal’s “Most Admired CEO’s” and winning numerous other awards, being called both a Futurist and a Maverick, Adam isn’t afraid to be visible with society and delivers value across industries.

From SWAT to CEO – A great story!
​After a successful career in Law Enforcement as a SWAT officer and Tactical Commander, Adam moved on to the private sector. Achieving straight A’s in his MBA, he went on to develop the business enterprise he leads through Digital Transparency, Tech Deployment and Video Outreach. While other leaders hide during chaos, Adam gets in front of the community he serves on social media, podcasting, and trustworthy digital presence. He leads with transparency and confidence.​

A Speaker you can’t miss! A coach you need! And a good friend!

Adam is a well known speaker, business coach and consultant. With the COVID-19 crisis, he has spent hundreds of hours in a very short period of time perfecting and delivering video messages of new business tactics to help companies and sales teams get back on their feet and back in the market. Moving forward in crisis is how Adam works. Sales teams thrive with direction and Adam aims to hit the target with them.

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