Afterburner is a group of former elite military professionals turned business consultants and speakers that relate their experiences and stories to your business challenges.

Our dynamic, high-energy keynote program will inspire your audience to immediately apply what they’ve learned into their daily work lives – so they can break down silos, drive accountability and accelerate team performance in the midst of changing environments and task saturation.

With 20 years’ experience in business coaching and consulting with Fortune 500 businesses and global organizations, Afterburner keynotes will let you in on the secrets used by elite military aviators, Navy SEALs, and Army Rangers to thrive and succeed in agile, high-stakes environments.

How We Started

In 1989, Jim “Murph” Murphy sat at the controls of an F-15 fighter jet and realized that the cultural discipline and strategic alignment needed to execute flawlessly in the unforgiving, rapidly changing world of military aviation was more than unique — it was awe-inspiring. The U.S. military’s ability to cultivate a singleness-of-mind around strategic action was so compelling to Murph that he strove to translate these time-tested, combat-proven processes into a simple, scalable, agile methodology. The result was Flawless ExecutionSM, a proprietary framework that enables organizations to effectively leverage team experience, lessons learned, and a structured planning process to achieve new levels of success.

In 1996, Murph started Afterburner, Inc. to share the message of Flawless Execution with organizations around the world. Today, nearly 20 years later, more than 1.7 million professionals have experienced the power of Flawless Execution.

The Afterburner Difference

Transactional consulting engagements typically result in recommendations from gurus that leave you and your team left to execute on your own — from implementation to adoption and sustainment.

Afterburner is different. Our Flawless Execution methodology is a simple, scalable and holistic process that gives you and your team a framework that creates a shared common mental model of execution that aligns and enables accountable action.

Our team has trained thousands of today’s leading organizations over the course of over 20 years including 85% of the Fortune 50 and two Super Bowl Champions. The power of Flawless Execution is recognized by leading business management and leadership development scholars around the world and our Executive Consultants have spoken at notable business schools, including Harvard, Wharton, Cornell, Emory, MIT, and Duke.

How We Do It

We partner with leaders to connect strategy to execution, developing high performing teams that continuously improve and adapt to today’s complex business environments. We do this with our cutting-edge training programs that include keynotes, team building seminars, workshops, training, coaching, and consulting programs.

These programs empower leaders to accelerate learning and improve individual and team performance using the Flawless Execution methodology to close execution gaps and accelerate performance.

We leverage the same principles of teamwork, accountability, and continuous learning that we utilized in our military careers to WIN when the chips were down, the stakes were high, and failure was not an option.

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