Ainsley Rose

Ainsley B. Rose retired as director of education for the Western Quebec School Board. As an education leader and through his work as an author and a presenter, he has developed a range of experiences to help schools with their professional development needs. His expertise includes effective schools research, Professional Learning Communities at Work, instructional intelligence, standards and assessment, common formative assessment, TRIBES, Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People, and the Planning for School and Student Success Process, among others.

He has worked with New Brunswick schools through PLC at Work Coaching Academies, as well as benevolent work with the lecturers and professors in Lusaka, Zambia, for the Leadership and Learning Center founded by Douglas B. Reeves. Ainsley is a senior leadership coach and professional development associate for the center and has joined Marzano Research Laboratory as the lead trainer for John Hattie’s Visible Learning in North, South, and Central America.

A published author, he has served as chair of the Committee for Anglophone Curriculum Responsables and the Implementation Design Committee. He was named to the advisory board of English education by the Minister of Education of Quebec. Ainsley has received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec.

Ainsley is an experienced elementary and secondary classroom teacher and principal, as well as an instructor of graduate-level courses for administrators and preservice teachers.

He earned a master of arts and bachelor of arts honors degree from the University of Western Ontario, a certificate in education from Concordia University, and a certificate in French as a second language from the Adult Education Center in Cowansville, Quebec.

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