Ambassador Munir Akram

Since joining the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1967, Ambassador Munir Akram has a distinguished diplomatic career As Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations United Nations bodies and international conferences. Most significantly serving two terms as President of the Security Council, President of the Economic and Social Council, Chairman of the Group of 77 ( Developing countries and China), President of the Conference on Disarmament and Chairman of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Policy Review Committee.

From 1995 to 2002, he represented Pakistan as Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva. Prior to that, Ambassador Akram served in a number of important diplomatic positions including Vice Foreign Minister, Ambassador to the European Community, Director General for Economic Cooperation & Policy Planning and Minister in Pakistan’s Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

Over the course of a forty year diplomatic career, Ambassador Akram developed close personal relations with senior government and business leaders in the Middle East, China and many other countries as a result of his leadership role on important political, economic and security issues facing these countries. Among other achievements, Ambassador Akram successfully chaired the negotiations for the accession of Saudi Arabia and Oman to the WTO, led the developing countries group at the WTO Ministerial Conferences in Singapore, Seattle and Doha, and presided over the conclusion of the first consensus resolution of the Security Council on Iraq following the 2003 conflict.

He writes and lectures extensively on regional and global political and economic issues. He is on the Advisory Board of the NY based Counter Extremism Project.

Munir Akram holds a Masters degree in Political Science and a Bachelors degree in Law.

Important Positions held at the United Nations and other specialized agencies

2007 Chairman of the Group of 77 and China

2006 Co-Chair for UN Management Reform.
Chairperson of the Working Party on the Accession of Saudi Arabia to WTO

2005 President of the Economic & Social Council

May 2003 & 2004 President of the UN Security Council

1997 Chairman of WTO Trade Policy Review Body
Chairman of the Group of 77

June 1996 Chairman of the Conference on Disarmament

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