Andrea Gappmayer

The dynamic, sparkly Andrea Gappmayer knows what it takes to get people to listen. And Andrea Gappmayer is bringing the message to companies around the world to help them understand loud and clear the power of leading with recognition.

A former radio disc-jockey and long-time trainer, Andrea Gappmayer has years of experience entertaining and interacting with people. Whether she was broadcasting live while bungee jumping, interviewing highly respectable musicians, or giving relationship advice on her Friday evening talk-show, Andrea Gappmayer brought quick wit and enthusiasm into every aspect of her 11-year radio career.

Andrea Gappmayer was nominated for “Personality of the Year” by Radio and Records magazine in 2000, and in 2002 was voted as “Best Disc Jockey in Utah”-she has the plaque to prove it.

Andrea Gappmayer left radio to work in the pharmaceutical industry where she wowed physicians, nurses, and medical assistants with her dynamic presentation, “Medicare Part D: How it’s Ruining Your Life.”

An engaging presenter and affable speaker, Andrea Gappmayer blends her brand of humor and wit with rich content and solid data to create a powerful, memorable presentation.