Bob Higa

Bob Higa is known for his dramatic and inspiring programs – illuminating currnet business issues with his magic. Bob Higa develops a unique program for each specific group, based on the client’s philosophy and goals.

In today’s business climate, clients/customers have instant expectations and they want to be “wowed”. Delivering amazing results should appear effortless. Bob Higa knows there is no “magic” in making the magic happen and creating effortless results for the customers is an illusion. In reality, the power lies in the partnerships we gain and the skills we develop. “Genuine magic happens when reality exceeds expectations”, says Bob Higa.

Bob Higa‘s unique ability to approach these subjects intelligently and to underscore their value through magic is both impressive and memorable. This unique blend of magic with business acumen is the result of diverse experience as an entertainer and experience in the business world. An accomplished entertainer, Bob Higa has appeared on television, and headlined in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He has headlined major cruise ships and has opened for several popular celebrities including Bob Hope, Rich Little, and Joan Rivers. Yet, Bob Higa is educated in Marketing and Business Administration and has 20 years experience in sales, management training and customer service. Combining a strong message with exciting magic leaves more than just an exhilarating feeling, it leaves a lasting impression.