Bob Montgomery

Bob Montgomery was a catcher for the Boston Red Sox for ten consecutive seasons, from 1970-79, serving as primary back-up to Carlton Fisk for much of his career. As a 258 life-time hitter and career total of 23 home runs, he was a proud member of the 1975 World Series Team.

Bob has hardly been taking it easy since his retirement from the Red Sox. He is a 11-time Emmy Award winning major league sports commentator with fourteen years in television and radio. Bob Montgomery is also an accomplished motivational speaker, VIP host, and corporate spokesperson. He has been recognized in his community with the Bosox Man of the Year as well as the Good Scout Award and Big Brother Association Award, among others.

Bob Montgomery is a licensed pilot and an avid model railroader and golfer. Also currently doing color analyst duties on Pawtucket Red Sox for Cox 3 television, as well as CN 8 telecast for Eastern league games. Bob is now employed by Adventures in Advertising, a marketing firm, involved in sale promotions and marketing premiums.