Dr. Bobbi Wegner

Dr. Bobbi Wegner is a Lecturer on Child Advocacy at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), teaches on two Clinical Teaching Teams (Group Counseling and Cross-Cultural Counseling), and is a Supervising Clinical Psychologist/Teacher at Boston Behavioral Medicine (BBM). She sees children, parents, and families and focuses on modern family systems and the developing child. She is also the spokesperson for Babyganics’s ‘Open for Adventure Campaign’, contributing content and speaking on the importance of free play for them. After a president of a well-established private equity firm heard her on NPR, she partnered with them to build a modern-day parenting center that offers parenting support groups, a family-focused restaurant, coworking space, expert consultation, and a free-range play space.

Dr. Wegner regularly writes on the intersection of stress management, children, family, and parenting. She has a column on Psychology Today called Perfectly Imperfect Parenting: Psychologically Sensitive Approaches to Raising Emotionally Durable Kids and is a regular contributor at Mind Body Green, Thrive Global, and NBC News’ Parent Toolkit, where she writes articles, contributes to content, and hosts Twitter Chats. It is also very important to her to contribute locally and she has a regular column in The Milton Times called Raising & Roasting: The Psychology & Food of Modern-Day Parenthood, and a podcast under the same name where she interviews parents about the highs and lows of raising kids.

Dr. Wegner is regularly interviewed, including by National Public Radio (NPR) on How to Have Children and Not Go Nuts and Raising Self-Reliant Kids and The Associated Press on free range parenting. She is regularly cited in numerous publications including The Boston Globe, Scary Mommy, Parents Magazine, Parent Co., and Mamapedia, among others.

In Spring 2018, she gave three TEDx Talks (TEDxDartmouth, TEDxWPI, TEDxWolfeboro) on Raising Conscious Boys in an Unconscious World and Feminist Boys are Our Future Men, which generated speaking offers from independent schools, colleges and preschools.

Although Dr. Wegner dives deep into the books to understand how to raise psychologically healthy kids, much of her real-life research comes from raising her own three rambunctious little ones with her husband, Mark.