Brad Montgomery

Like you, happiness expert, speaker and author Brad Montgomery believes:

* Happiness Pays.
* It makes business-sense to invest in the “people-side” of business.
* Speakers should be engaging AND have a useful message.

Brad combines all of these ideas – and a ton more – into everything he does on stage. He’s a very funny guy with some very relevant ideas about how to improve ourselves and those people around us. And…he’s funny. (Yeah, we said this twice.)

He’s a …
* Business Owner
* Author
* Blogger
* Idea guy

But he’s also one of the funniest business speakers out there. His keynotes and “Expanded Keynotes” (which is a fancy way to say “Longer keynotes that include some experiential, hands-on learning experiences” … which is a fancy way to say “Audience Participation On Steroids That Helps People Remember and Learn”) use an out-of-the-box blend of humor, wisdom, audience participation, music, and even confetti in order to keep the learning on high.

He believes:
* Motivational speakers should deliver tactics we remember and implement.
* The era of “canned” speakers is over.
* Your organization craves a speaker who can connect, who can have a conversation, and who can be relevant. They crave somebody who is authentic. Somebody who is funny.

Your people will love Brad Montgomery. And they’ll love YOU for finding him.

When MillerCoors had to knuckle down and manage a software initiative, they called on Brad. After his program, they referred to Brad as “The best 90 minute investment ever in our people.”

Organizations who partnered with Brad to help their people become more creative, innovative and productive through greater happiness include Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, John Deere Landscapes (who called Brad’s programs “Transformational”), the FBI (yes that FBI), the CIA, (yes that CIA) and the IRS – where Brad withheld 30% of his best ideas.

Brad is guaranteed. He has his Certified Speaking Professional (which is the highest EARNED honor a speaker can get.) And better yet, he’s been inducted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame … Which is a really big deal in Speaker-Land. (No, you won’t find it on the map, but you get the idea.)

Looking for a speaker with ideas that will help your people thrive? Looking for a speaker who engages, connects and keeps their attention because they love him so much? How about somebody who’s funny? Ready to set the tone and the mood for your entire meeting? Then you’re ready for Brad Montgomery.

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