Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars is the Managing Director and CEO of ACTION International Pty Ltd (Australia), as well as serving as the Chairman of the ACTION Group of Companies around the globe. Brad Sugars is an entrepreneur, well known for his ability to take either distressed or start up companies and make them fly. ACTION Companies are committed to assisting small business people to achieve personal and professional mastery.

Brad Sugars has practiced in the field of consulting for the past 11 years, whilst running many of his own businesses. He has presented literally hundreds of seminars each year on the subject of business, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. Sugars has written several books, created many video and tape training programs and is well known in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, and the United States.

Brad Sugars graduated from QUT in Australia with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Accounting. He has only served minor stints as an employee choosing instead to own and run his own businesses. It’s said that Brad Sugars is the Prince of Profits, or as we like to promote him, “Mr. $how me the Money.”

Brad Sugars is also a best selling author, noted property and stockmarket investor and the owner of nine other companies.