Brandon P. Fleming

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Brandon P. Fleming is a renowned speaker, award-winning author, and nationally acclaimed entrepreneur. Fleming’s story of resilience, success, and service has captured the heart of national media and inspired millions globally. Once an at-risk youth and college dropout, Fleming transformed his life to become a history-maker at Harvard University and founder of one of the most prestigious schools in America. In Atlanta, GA, Fleming serves as Founder & CEO of The Veritas School of Social Sciences, for which he has raised millions in capital and led through several stages of growth and scale. Fleming also travels extensively nationwide, keynoting for hundreds of thousands of business leaders at the nation’s largest corporations and conferences.

In 2017, Fleming was recruited to become Harvard University’s assistant debate coach at the age of 26. Fleming soon made history at Harvard by proposing, implementing, and scaling a new department called the Harvard Diversity Project, the first pipeline program designed to solve the issue of enrollment diversity at the Harvard’s residential debate program where hundreds of gifted young scholars from over 25 different countries study and compete in an international academic debate competition.

Over six years, Fleming has raised millions of dollars to enroll more than 250 students of color into Harvard’s summer debate residency on full scholarship. But there was one challenge that Fleming faced: How would he take youth from mostly under-resourced schools in Atlanta, who had never been exposed to the rigors of academic debate, and prepare them in just one year to compete against some of the most elite debaters from across the globe? Fleming created a transformative curriculum that is designed to build intellectual capacity, accelerate learning, and ultimately level the playing field for students of color. And it did. For six consecutive years, since the program’s inception in 2017, every cohort trained by Fleming has won the international competition as six-time consecutive champions. News of the achievement has gone viral and broke national headlines, being featured on CNN, Good Morning America, the Steve Harvey Show and many more. The organization has gained the financial backing of Fortune 100 companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, UPS, Chick-fil-A, and many more.

Fleming’s story and life work represent the transformative power of leveling the playing field. The business model Fleming has built to close performance gaps is one that academic and corporate institutions have highly sought to replicate. As a renowned speaker, Fleming has keynoted for international governmental organizations such as the United Nations. Fleming has spoken at the nation’s most prestigious colleges, universities, and K-12 conferences. Fleming has also keynoted conventions for corporate executives at the nation’s largest brands such as Walmart, Bank of America, FedEx, the Federal Reserve Bank, and many more. At the age of 29, Forbes Magazine named Fleming to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. In 2020, The Root Magazine named Fleming one of the top 100 most influential African Americans in the United States. And in May 2021, North Carolina Wesleyan College bestowed upon Fleming the honorary Doctor of Humanities degree.

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