Brian O’Malley

Brian O’Malley‘s spectacular multimedia presentation and emotional stories of human courage and risk leave audiences with the resounding message to live life to its fullest.

His multifaceted career drives Brian O’Malley to take risks both for personal growth and for service to others. As an adventurer, author, climber, and award winning photographer, Brian has climbed mountains on four continents: North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. As a full time paramedic and firefighter, Brian O’Malley has taken risks both for himself and for others. Brian O’Malley was featured on the CBS television program Rescue 911 and was also a part of a mountain rescue team. Additionally, he worked as a police officer and was a S.W.A.T. Team member. And as the author of a book for children, The Secret of the Mountains, he has demonstrated the ability to communicate across generations. It is a story borne out of his Mt. Everest expedition.

Brian O’Malley is also a member of the American Mount Everest West Ridge Expedition. He relates this experience in his most popular program, Everest:The Challenge In All of Us.

Inspiring and exhilarating, Brian O’Malley lifts peoples spirits and makes them soar!