Brooks Bell

Brooks Bell started building companies at age 21, back when America Online was “the internet”. Her biggest company, Brooks Bell Inc. generated over a billion in value for her clients over the next two decades. Brooks is also an advocate for building entrepreneurial communities and social impact. In 2011, Brooks co-founded Raleigh Founded, the largest co-working community in Raleigh, North Carolina with over 2,000 members.

In January 2019, Brooks was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 38. She underwent 6 months of surgeries and chemotherapy, putting her cancer into remission. During that time, she learned of the shocking rise of colon cancer in young people, as well as the unique ability to prevent it. After her diagnosis, Brooks retired from her entrepreneurial career and became invested in driving awareness for colon cancer prevention and gut health. Brooks currently serves on the boards of the CDC Foundation, Research Triangle Foundation, The Colorectal Cancer Alliance, and Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Brooks regularly shares her story for colon cancer and her dramatic transformation from entrepreneur to activist. She also speaks on the importance of gut health and microbiome management, as well as the technology trends that are happening in colon cancer research.

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