Candace Bertotti

A Master Certified Trainer in Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations, Candace Bertotti specializes in conflict resolution, negotiation, and interpersonal communication to help individuals, teams, and organizations increase effectiveness and achieve bottom-line results.
Demonstrating outstanding skill and competence to train Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations,
Candace Bertotti was recruited by the original Master Trainers at her current place of employment. Mentored by their elite training experts, she offers her clients the best content, presentation, and training skills in the industry. A skilled and valued presenter with an impressive educational foundation, Candace draws upon her education to help organizations achieve results where they need it most. Degrees were awarded from Harvard University, Masters of Public Administration. Concentration, Leadership and Negotiation and
Conflict Resolution; The George Washington University, Project Management Masters Certificate; The University of Virginia, Education Policy Certificate, and Indiana University, BA. Concentration: Corporate and Community Education.

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