Captain Keith Colburn

Captain Keith Colburn is the very definition of the American success story. In 1985, Keith flew to Alaska with a one-way ticket, a backpack, and $50. Having no contacts or even the internet to research job opportunities, Keith took a gamble that his thirst for adventure and strong work ethic would be enough to land him a fishing job. Today, 30 years later, Keith is one of a select few self-made independent crabbers and is looked to as a respected industry leader.

Keith continues to expanding his interests in entertainment, as an influential spokesperson, motivational speaker and in the culinary arts where he became a classically trained Chef before the age of 22. Keith is now known to millions of television viewers as the Captain of the Wizard on the hit television show, Deadliest Catch.

Keith is a sought after motivational speaker who has addressed distinguished and diverse audiences across North America. He shares advice on being successful in today’s hyper-competitive business environment by providing parallels between his life as a Captain and day to day business operations within a high stress industry. Keith’s intellect, wit, and charisma make him a truly engaging speaker, spokesperson and entertainer.

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