Carole Carson

Just before turning 60, Carole Carson totally remade her life. After chronicling her transformation from butterball to butterfly in weekly newspaper articles, Carole Carson invited others in her Northern California community to join the fun, inspired by her example, more than 1,000 ordinary people teamed up to lose nearly four tons of fat in two months.

Carole Carsons‘s multifaceted background includes business leadership, marketing, pubic relations, event planning, writing, training and consulting to businesses ad nonprofits. She drew upon the full range of her experience to make the community fitness event successful. Carole’s mission to communicate her empowering message: “You and your friends can have fun, get fit and lose weight!”

Carole Carson‘s writes a featured newspaper column, and has appeared in NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Early Show, MSNBC’s Countdown, CNN News and national radio. Besides teaching and consulting, Carole has produced a weekly community television show, The Tipping Point and a reality show, Go Fat to Fit.