The Education Avengers, Champions of Virtual Learning: Webinar Series


What attendees are saying:

“This is the best webinar I’ve attended since this pandemic began…”

“This is a fantastic PD. Thank you for being so clear in everything you all are presenting!”

“This is great content with understandable illustrations!!!”

“…great presentation…”

“That was AWESOME!”

With the arrival of the pandemic, the way in which we educate our youth will change for the foreseeable future. Teachers will need to adjust to new methods of teaching because of social distancing. Most educators do not have the vital experience or training for virtual learning; however, the Education Avengers can help! We have assembled a team of well-known education “superheroes” that will help your schools succeed with virtual learning. Our series of webinars offers insights for teachers to tackle the challenge of remote learning head on with supporting materials that are downloadable for future reference. Contact AEI to learn how you can arrange for your own webinar with any of our Education Avengers today!


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