Charlie Moore

Since his TV debut on NESN’s Front Row sports magazine program in 1996, Charlie Moore has become one of the most recognizable outdoorsman in the U.S. as well as a Canadian celebrity – earning top show ratings on ESPN and NESN. He also has a book — The Mad Fisherman — a very funny look at his world, released by St. Martin’s Press in April, 2008. Charlie Moore, along with Curt Gowdy and Ted Williams, is a member of New England Sports Hall of Fame.

Charlie Moore‘s fast-paced, no-holds barred comic hosting style has re-defined outdoor television. From jumping out of airplanes to boxing with the World Heavyweight Champ to kicking footballs with Adam Vinatieri off his bass boat, you never know what Charlie will do next! He is bright, funny and has great range to his talent!

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