Charlotte Libov

Charlotte Libov is an award-winning health book author and a pioneer in the field of patient advocacy. Her first book, The Women’s Heart Book, was among the first to call attention to the problem of heart disease in women, and was made into a groundbreaking PBS special in which she appeared as part of an expert panel. She is also the author of the following books: A Woman’s Guide to Heart Attack Recovery; Beat Your Risk Factors; 50 Essential Things to do When the Doctor Says it’s Heart Disease; and 50 Essential Things to Do When the Doctor Says It’s a Migraine. A popular speaker, she has given talks for Toyota, IBM, and the Biotech International Organization, and has appeared as a keynote speaker for the US Army War College, the American Heart Association, Duke University Medical School, Women in International Trade, and at other hospitals and organizations throughout the country. Her byline has appeared regularly in Newsmax magazine,,,,,,,, and many other top websites and publications. She is also a former New York Times regular contributor.

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