Chef Robert Irvine

Chef Robert Irvine goes where few chefs dare. He is equally at home preparing his stunningly creative dishes for intimate gatherings or for huge crowds, from 6,000 servicemen and women on a US aircraft carrier to a spectacular celebrity-studded after party at the Academy Awards. Star of Food Network’s “Dinner: Impossible”, “Restaurant: Impossible” and “Worst Cooks in America” and author of “Mission: Cook! and Impossible to Easy” (HarperCollins) Robert Irvine has prepared his masterful culinary creations for the British Royal Family, heads of state and honored guests aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia; for high-ranking dignitaries, politicians, and VIP’s as part of the Guest Chef program at the White House; as Executive Chef at Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal and across America on his hit Food Network series. A native of England, Robert Irvine joined the British Royal Navy as a teenager, where his extraordinary skills in the kitchen soon came to the attention of his superiors. In over twenty-five years in the culinary profession, Robert Irvine has transcended the limitations of recipes and rote techniques and come up with an approach to cooking that is uniquely his own. In that time, he has literally cooked his way across the globe, from Europe to the Far East, across the Caribbean and throughout the Americas. In 2007, Robert was named both an Ambassador the Culinary Institute of America and one of the “25 Fittest Guys in America” by Men’s Fitness magazine, on a list that included Kobe Bryant, Andy Roddick and Matt Damon.

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