Chris Petersen

Over 30 years ago, Chris anticipated the need for a new kind of consultant; one who could help retailers and vendors jointly improve their performance, and attain a new level of partnership. Through the strategic use of analytics, business intelligence, measurement and joint scorecards, IMS has evolved into a premier specialist of facilitating performance improvement and partnership of both manufacturers and retailers.

Chris has helped lead IMS & built a legacy of working with Fortune 500 companies to achieve measurable results. He has worked with the largest international retailers, as well as local specialty retailers and dealers. Over the past three decades Chris has developed processes & tools that have shaped how retailers differentiate themselves by changing customer experience.

Dr. Petersen has specialized in consumer technology, marketing and retail strategy. He has worked with some of the largest technology retailers in the world, including: Best Buy, Darty, FNAC, Media Markt, and Staples. He has also consulted with some of the largest consumer products and software manufacturers, including Adobe, AT&T, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Sony.
Dr. Petersen applies his PhD in measurement every day in retail. He works with retailers and manufacturers on how to produce measurable gains in sales and profitability. Dr. Petersen has collaborated on the design and measurement of over 200 pilots focused on how retailers and manufactures can work together to both change and measure results.

Dr. Petersen is the founder of IMS’s Retail University, a series of strategic workshops focused on teaching the critical elements of competing profitably in the increasingly complex retail marketplace. Through Retail University, Chris shares retail case studies of how IMS processes and measurement have been applied to improve results for both manufacturers and retailers.

Through the years Dr. Petersen has been requested to speak at external conferences and client events such as; Retail Value Chain Compliance Federation, Retail Customer Experience Conference, Women’s Leadership Conference, and Retail Congress in Estonia. In 3 years, Chris has logged over 300,000 miles studying and visiting retailers worldwide. Some of those countries include; United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, India, UAE, Greece, France, China, the Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, and Turkey.

In the early days of IMS, Chris had the opportunity to work with Don Clifton as Gallup developed the tenets of strength based leadership. Since then, Chris has become an advocate and practitioner of strength based leadership and team development for IMS and our clients. Chris’ Top 5 Gallup Strengths are: Ideation, Relator, Developer, Individualization and Arranger.

Currently, Chris holds the position of CEO, in addition to being a founding Senior Partner of IMS. Many of his experiences, knowledge, wit, & wisdom can be found in his weekly Results Count Blog: Chris holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology & Measurement.

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