Christopher Lowell

As an Emmy Award-winning host and best selling author, Christopher Lowell’s mix of practical advice and infectious enthusiasm has made him one of America’s most recognized and trusted authorities in the home improvement category. Dubbed the Doctor of Design by U.S News & World Report, Christopher Lowell believes that decorating is a form of empowerment therapy and that his mantra, “You Can Do It” is a way of life. The success of his ever-growing multi-media company proves that Christopher Lowell has made a loyal connection to how America wants to live now and in the future.

Originally born Richard Lowell Madden in Anchorage, Alaska, Christopher Lowell was destined for creative greatness. Son of a professional carpenter and cinematographer father and a mother who constantly worked to make a nice home on a limited budget, Christopher Lowell was raised in an artistic and fun-loving environment. Trained as a classical pianist, Christopher Lowell left home at age 9 to join the Southern California Boys Choir where he played until the age of 17.

In 1992, Christopher Lowell opened the doors to his first home arts center in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. For the next four years he taught, encouraged and inspired average people to take charge of their lives and design dilemmas with his winning “you can do it” attitude. His ambition to reach more people drove Christopher Lowell to produce a television pilot for the Discovery Channel, titled Interior Motives. After three years of phenomenal ratings and a true ‘cult’ following, Christopher Lowell moved to the Universal Studios lot and segued from Interior Motives With Christopher Lowell to The Christopher Lowell Show.

Christopher now heads Christopher Lowell Enterprises, the parent company to Christopher Lowell Productions and Christopher Lowell, Inc., the design, licensing and marketing arm of the consumer product division. His partners include many of America’s most respected retailers and manufacturers including Jo-Ann Stores, Office Depot and 3-Day Blinds. Christopher Lowell has helped the mass consumer take the guesswork out of home décor by providing concrete solutions.

Reflective of his inspiring “You can do it!” mantra, Christopher Lowell says, “Remember that fear is the number one reason why things remain the same in the home. Where there is fear, there is no creativity. By dispelling fear, you unleash your creativity. Your environment should be a reflection of who you are. This has less to do with money and more to do with your spiritual well being. We are how we live. Who knew?”

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