Claire Lomas

Motivational speaker, first user of the ReWalk robotic suit

Claire Lomas is a British disability rights campaigner and fundraiser known for finishing the 32nd Virgin London Marathon (2012) in 17 days using the ReWalk robotic suit. She became the first paralysed person to walk the marathon.

Before her accident, Claire worked as a Chiropractor and was a top level event rider. Then, on 6th May 2007, her life was turned upside down on when she became paralysed from the chest down in a horse riding accident. There were plenty of days where Claire struggled to get the motivation to get up but over time she rebuilt her life. Her condition improved rapidly due to medical rehabilitation treatments. She found new sports (skiing and handcycling), set up a business and went on to fundraise to help get a cure for paralysis. Since 2008, she has been involved with various campaigns and fundraising events in order to raise funds for research and equipment into spinal cord repair for the British charity Spinal Research, for which she is an Ambassador for their Saddle Up Campaign for horse riders. She credits the high level of support and understanding she receives from her husband and becoming a mother to her daughter in March 2011.

In 2012 Claire walked the London Marathon in a pioneering robotic suit. It took 17 days and raised £210,000 for Spinal Research. In August 2012, she was then invited to light the Paralympic cauldron in Trafalgar Square, and won numerous national awards.

Most recently, on 13th May 2013 Claire completed her next challenge: handcycling 400 miles around parts of England and visiting many schools along the way to do inspirational talks. This raised £85,000 for Spinal Research and Nicholls Foundation.

Claire speaks about how becoming paralysed has had a dramatic effect on her life. She covers the impact of a spinal injury and how she had to rebuild her life. The message is to believe, dream and never give up. In the first year after her tragic accident she would never have believed she could go on and have the best days in her life after her accident. Claire talks about how she turned her situation from being at rock bottom to being happier than she ever has been before.