Clementine Bihiga

Born in Rwanda Africa, Clementine (Igilibambe) Bihiga was only eight years old when she and her family were forced to flee for their lives in 1994. They survived in multiple cruel refugee camps and settlements before finally settling in the USA as refugees in 1999. The speaker of five languages, Clementine refined her education and finally earned a masters degree art Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA with a 3.9 GPA despite being bullyied and having to live with demons from her past. Waking up in refugee camps and being surrounded by the dead was a norm to her. Regular trips to lake kivu to fetch water,where body remains of war victims were thrown was a daily activity.

Clementine, who is also an author, shares her experience in her book “Happily Broken: Discovering Happiness Through Pain and Suffering”. In this book,which had inspired thousands of readers, she talks about her horrific experience in such a personal manner. She shares the most painful experience, the loss of her daughter and how she has finally found great, ridiculous happiness through all the pain she has endured. Clementine’s energy and humor is very contagious. With her personality, one can never assume she has had such a trying life. Clementine’s life mission is to use her experience to inspire her brothers and sisters all over the world. After all, she survived the unthinkable for a reason. She has found her mission and passion in public speaking.