Colby Jenkins

Colby Jenkins is a former active duty U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret who commanded a Special Forces A-team in combat. Colby has worked on Capitol Hill, specifically the U.S. Senate, and also the Pentagon where he managed the congressional portfolio for the nation’s #2 military leader. He also taught as an adjunct professor in George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. Colby recently departed Google Headquarters where he worked as a program manager and began a new job as the Director of Dixie State University’s Atwood Innovation Plaza, located in St. George, UT. He is a Colonel serving in the Army National Guard.

What people are saying:

From Adobe: “Inspiring, captivating and engaging were just some of the words my team used to describe guest speaker Mr. Colby Jenkins. Colby spoke at our Program Management Offsite that was focused on Leadership and Managing Change. Managing change is sometimes difficult. Colby taught us the importance of humility and second chances.” “Thank you Colby for inspiring my team to have a new focus on becoming great leaders.”

From Cisco: “Colby’s message to our team was timely, inspiring, and left us with a wealth of actionable insights into ways we can build our “A-Team.” Throughout the preparation process leading up to his event, Colby leveraged his impressive background and authentic, thoughtful personality to customize his presentation to address some organizational specific topics. Colby spoke to us virtually and was extremely engaging. Our team had nothing but positive feedback and frequently referenced inspirations from his talk.”

From Google: “I attended Colby’s talk at a conference in Singapore. It’s not often we come across people with such diverse experiences. I must say I was very impressed not just with what he has achieved, but also how he could relate to the learnings and translate it for business program managers. He very nicely lays out the skills that help a leader in building an A-Team.”

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