Daniel Horowitz

Veteran Trial lawyer Daniel Horowitz has been a criminal defense lawyer since 1980. His work has included the trial of Pavel Lazarenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, as well as numerous Hollywood stars, national television personalities and radio hosts.

Horowitz was the attorney for Susan Polk, whose story is the subject of Catherine Crier’s new book, Final Analysis. He also represented notorious kidnapper Kenneth Parnell and assisted in writing the book based on the case, I Know My First Name Is Steven. The book was later made into a TV movie by the same name. His work as a legal commentator on the Scott Peterson case is detailed in the recent book, We the Jury, Deciding the Scott Peterson Case, and his insights are included in the book’s foreword.

A well-known legal commentator, Daniel Horowitz covered the Scott Peterson trial for both Court TV and MSNBC. Being friends with trial judge, Horowitz has significant insights into the personalities and strategies of Peterson’s trial. He was also present in the courtroom during Michael Jackson’s trial, and covered it for CNN and MSNBC. Other high-profile cases he has covered include the Robert Blake trial and the Enron trials.

Horowitz is a regular guest on Nancy Grace’s program on Headline Prime and is a frequent guest on Court TV and MSNBC. He has appeared on all the major television networks on such programs as Larry King, the Abrams Report, and alongside Nancy Grace, Rita Cosby, Catherine Crier, Lisa Bloom, Robert Massi and many others. He is also a regular guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, Savage Nation.

With well over a 150 major criminal cases taken to trial under his belt, Horowitz‘s insight as a real trial lawyer and a legal commentator, into the criminal mind, the judicial system and high profile cases is unique. His experience includes cases of white collar crimes, money laundering, fraud, major drug conspiracies, extortion, chiropractic and medical fraud, extortion, embezzlement, computer crimes, and death penalty murder.

Daniel Horowitz is legendary for his defense of international politicians and businessmen. His international defense work has taken him to over 15 countries to interview witnesses, gather evidence and otherwise prepare his cases. Additionally, he has appeared in foreign legal proceedings before judges in Holland, Cyprus and Israel. He has also participated in formal evidentiary hearings in Hong Kong, Ukraine, Holland, Canada and Turkey.

Horowitz‘s career has ranged from the fantastic to the humorous. In between representing some of the nation’s most notorious criminals, he seized a United Airlines 747 jet set to fly to Paris in order to collect a $7,500 judgment owed to a client. He has represented the Oakland Hell’s Angels and even performed a real estate appraisal on their Oakland clubhouse.

Horowitz is also the attorney for a New York-based financial management corporation with assets under management in excess of $750 million dollars. He is frequently retained by large San Francisco and Bay Area corporate attorneys to analyze the criminal implications of civil lawsuits and the conduct of corporate employees.

A regular consultant to executives, Horowitz advises corporate leaders on issues ranging from compensation, stock options, director liability and other issues with mixed civil and criminal liabilities. An expert in software and technology, he frequently trains and lectures attorneys on these topics, and has even manned a booth at NAB for Informix Software.

From storytelling, insights into the world of a legal commentator, to a serious analysis of the legal issues affecting us all, Daniel Horowitz can provide both rich and entertaining content.