Dave Nagel

Dave Nagel is an international educational consultant, researcher, and published author.

Dave’s educational career started as a middle school science and high school biology teacher. His administrative experiences involved middle school assistant principal, high school associate principal, and director of extended day and credit-recovery programs. In his former district, Dave was instrumental in implementing power/priority standards and performance assessments. He was honored numerous times as a Senior’s Choice winner, where graduating seniors selected him as someone who dramatically affected their life in a positive way.

His efforts in augmenting and implementing a multi-faceted credit recovery model transformed Ben Davis High School (enrollment 3,400 grades 10-12) from having a high number of students not leaving with diplomas into a graduation factory. By focusing on differentiated goals for students based on specific proficiency measures for all students, Ben Davis was able to move their graduation rate 14% in just over four years.

Dave has been a national and international presenter and consultant to schools (pre-K-12) since 2003. He previously worked for The Leadership and Learning Center until 2014. He currently is an author consultant with Corwin Professional Learning and is a certified Visible Learning+ presenter. He is the owner of NZJ-Learning (LLC), which is a company he founded and named after his three boys: Nicholas, Zachary, and Jacob. Using his experience and expertise, he has presented and helped schools, from pre-K through grade 12, implement effective practices leading to gains in student achievement. His main focus areas are effective short-cycle assessments, instruction, leadership, and empowering and impactful collaboration. He has worked specifically with schools in implementing the following topics: Prioritizing Standards, Common Formative Assessments 2.0, Creating Authentic Performance Tasks, effective use of Scoring Guides, Impact Professional Learning Teams (IPLTs), Rigorous Curriculum Design™, and most notably for Evidence based and practical grading practices.

In the past few years, Dave has done extensive work with teachers and leaders across the country assisting schools and entire districts through a proven process to identify essential Common Core State Standards and their relationship with state and local assessment results. Dave has also worked diligently helping school teams work on critical aspects of effective collaboration. This has proven to significantly impacting student achievement through focusing on intentional adult actions.Dave has worked with audiences as small as 3-4 and keynoted for as many as five hundred.

His work has been published multiple times in various publications such as Principal Leadership and Educational Leadership. Dave has also presented at various national conferences such as ASCD, National Staff Development Council (NSDC), National Association of Secondary School Principals, National School Boards Association (NSBA), The Superintendents Association (AASA), and twice at the International Visible Learning Institute.

Dave is also one of only 20+ individuals that is certified in Visible Learning+, which is the specific professional development set of seminars, workshops, coaching, etc. model aligned to and fully endorsed by Professor John Hattie. He is one of only a handful of presenters through Corwin Professional Learning to be twice certified in this content and professional development delivery for schools / school systems in North America.

Finally, Dave has done deep level work and implementation related to effective grading practices (Grading4impact.com). He has worked with teams, schools, and entire school districts in developing and adopting new grading policies to drive changes in practice: Des Moines (Iowa) Public Schools, Tri-Creek Schools (Lowell, Indiana), Lyon County Schools, (Nevada), and The Pajaro Unified School District in Watsonville, California. His recent book published through Corwin Press, “Effective Grading Practices for Secondary Teachers: Practical Strategies to Prevent Failure, Recover Credits, and Increase Standards-Based/Referenced Grading,” was released in March, 2015, and has received excellent reviews from numerous practitioners in the field.

Dave stays very busy with his beautiful and supportive wife, Kristen, and three boys (ages 11, 5, and 3), Kristen works full time and does most of the raising of the children and he is extremely grateful for her everyday. He acknowledges every day that The Lord guides his actions and is the driving force in his life.