Deborah Sherwood

Deborah Jones Sherwood is a popular lecturer who shares her extensive knowledge of the First Families with an enthusiastic presentation.

Her interest in the First Families began several years ago when she became a docent in the First Ladies Exhibit at The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Deborah Sherwood‘s extensive research takes her to the Library of Congress, The National Archives and the private libraries of historic homes as well as her personal library.

Deborah Jones Sherwood has given talks on the First Families and White House history to many national and international organizations, the military, religious and private groups and government organizations.

Sherwood has been quoted in magazines and newspapers regarding the White House families and has been a featured guest on television and radio including the BBC for broadcast in The United Kingdom.

Deborah Jones Sherwood has written about White House history for television news and has had articles published in newspapers such as The Washington Post.

Her program is about real people with average problems (and far from storybook tales) who have occupied the nation’s most famous residence. Learn about some of the funny, serious and sad insights into the lives of the members of the First Families that have called The White House “home.” Deborah Sherwood‘s enthralling stories will keep your group or organization entertained with a candid approach to a part of American History everyone will enjoy.