Don Wildman

Don Wildman has fast become one the most recognized faces in documentary television. Whether pulling back the curtain on a fascinating unseen view of America or bringing to light the puzzling and intriguing stories behind museum artifacts, Don Wildman takes viewers on an adventure with the mission to expose the real truth lying beneath the surface.

As host of Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum,” Wildman journeys across the country, going deep into the vaults of the nation’s most revered institutions and unearthing wondrous treasures from the past.

Wildman also served as host of Travel Channel’s weekly series “Off Limits,” where he crisscrossed the United States, taking viewers behind locked doors to uncover the secrets of America’s man-made world. In traversing both obscure and familiar turf, his journey is full of fun and surprises.

For the History Channel’s long-running hit series, “Cities of the Underworld,” Wildman explored hundreds of mysterious tunnels, catacombs, crypts and bunker systems found beneath more than forty cities and regions around the globe.

Wildman has carved his own niche as an “everyman expert,” working across a spectrum of subjects from history to engineering to sports adventure. On ESPN’s “Men’s Journal,” he paddled wild rivers in Chile, scaled towering mountains in Oregon, and fly-fished until he could fish no more.

In 2011, Wildman hosted the three-part historical investigation series, “Filthy Cities” – a joint venture between Discovery Channel and BBC – and landed on the slopes of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius and delved into the infamous tragedy of Pompeii.

Wildman is also the voice of several other series including Weird Travels, Ushaia: The Ultimate Adventure, Incurables, and many others. When not on the road – certainly a rarity – he resides in Los Angeles, far from his New Jersey roots, and he continues to share his personal adventures and discoveries on his website.

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