Dr. Charles Petty

Dr. Charles Petty was reared in the farming communities of England and Stuttgart, Arkansas. As a native of Arkansas he does indeed know President Clinton. In fact, when President Clinton was eleven or twelve years old, Dr. Charles Petty was his rifle instructor at a Boy Scout camp! This is the man who taught the President to shoot straight!

Charles Petty learned about the importance of family from the school of hard knocks. His parents divorced when he was six. His mother died three years later and he then lived in a blended family. When he was 16 his father and younger brother were killed in a car accident. He lived by himself for a year and then became a foster child.

Charles Petty learned about family formally and was educated in Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas for 22 consecutive years–which means he is either well educated or a little slow! Dr. Charles Petty has been a counselor, visiting professor, on the staffs of large corporations in Texas and North Carolina, and for seven years was on the senior staff of the North Carolina Governor. He is founder and President of his own company, and since 1985, all he does is “eat and speak.”

Dr. Charles Petty is married and has two grown children, two grandchildren and a grand dog.