Dr. Donnell Gregory

Donnell Gregory is an international educational consultant and a former professor at the University of Dayton (Ohio), where he taught classroom management, diversity, and foundations of education. Prior to his current position, he was an elementary and middle school teacher. He has also served as a clinical supervisor for student teachers in both urban and suburban schools.

As an ASCD Faculty member, Gregory has presented at national and international conferences and provided capacity-building professional development to teachers and leaders in districts throughout the United States. Gregory’s experiences have contributed to his recognition as an expert in developing instructional coaches and supporting teacher leaders as they implement curriculum, assessment, and instructional research-based practices in their classrooms and apply effective professional learning practices to their work.

In addition to providing professional development in his areas of expertise, much of Gregory’s work focuses on maximizing teacher success in working with at-risk populations and providing a holistic approach to educating the whole child. Gregory has published articles on the effect of inequitable funding practices, highlighting how socioeconomic status has a disproportionate influence on educating students who are considered to be in high-risk situations, particularly minority youth.

His expertise also includes working with teachers and education leaders to build programs designed to reach underrepresented K-12 students, identifying and leveraging resources to support educating the whole child, and motivational speaking for high-poverty youth and adult communities.

As a part-time youth commissioner for Dayton, Ohio, Gregory worked with the community to focus on increasing resources for youth development programs targeting high-risk students. He worked to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of existing programs as well as develop new initiatives that had a positive effect on the social-emotional environment and economic conditions of Dayton residents.

Gregory has also served as research assistant with NASA. While there, he worked with the division chief of educational programs and other education specialists to design hands-on activities for the NASA-sponsored Invention of Flight Celebration. He also contributed to other programs that used science, engineering, and mathematics curricula designed by NASA. Gregory was named Outstanding Research Assistant for his work in the program.

After obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Wright State University, Gregory completed his doctorate at the University of Cincinnati. In 2007, he was named one of Dayton’s Top 10 African-American Males. Gregory is a member of ASCD’s Fisher and Frey Cadre.