Dr. Jack Singer

When you book Dr. Jack Singer to speak at your event you get a world renowned expert with a Ph.D in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a Post Doctorate in Clinical and Sports Psychology, a diplomate from the American Academy of Behavioral Medicine, an author and former college professor. But Dr. Jack is a lot more. You get a very funny keynote speaker, who will have your audience rolling in the aisles while they learn the practical skills he teaches them.

Referred to as the “Patch Adams of Psychology” Dr. Jack Singer is recognized among the world’s leaders in promoting humor, fun, and laughter as the most powerful antidotes to stress and illness. Your audience will roar with laughter while they learn Dr. Jack Singer‘s precise secrets for adding life to their years and years to their lives!

A proud member of the National Speakers Association, Dr. Jack Singer is renowned among North America’s top motivational speakers and has spent nearly thirty years speaking for and consulting with Fortune 1000 companies, professional associations and human resources professionals from Miami to Malaysia. His research and self-help articles appear in business, medical, educational, human resources and sports journals across the United States. Dr. Jack’s latest book, “The Teacher’s ULTIMATE Stress Mastery Guide,” was released in October, 2009 and is flying off the shelves.

Dr. Jack even worked as a comedic actor on the “Here’s Lucy” show, with the Queen of Comedy herself; so, he certainly understands the value of humor and fun in riveting an audience’s attention and retention. Recognized for his skill in mesmerizing audiences, Dr. Jack Singer has been invited for nine years to teach meeting professionals from across the U.S. how to make their meetings spectacular, fun productions.

A sought-after media guest, Jack Singer appears frequently on CNN, MSNBC, FOX-SPORTS, Glenn Beck and on radio talk shows across the U.S. and Canada.

Once a program is booked, Dr. Jack’s pre-program research enables him to sharply focus on his audience’s specific needs, goals and the meeting’s theme. With Dr. Jack, you definitely get a huge return on investment!